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Plan for tomorrow:
Ezkiel English muffin or Vitamuffin because I have PT at 7am
almond milk protein shake
leftover fish and sting beans
roast chicken and squash
snacks including poker:
limited chips (1.5 servings)
1 beer or 4 oz port wine, if that
1/2 agave sweetened chocolate nibs pie
goat cheese

how I did:
ham and egg whites - yes
chef salad -yes, huge
shrimp and veg - salmon and string beans
dried kale - yes
cashews -yes
cheese stick -no
clementines - 2
2 oz wine
turkey bologna roll ups -yes
roast chicken with skin
sf biscotti or healthy lemon tart (1/2) -1/2 tart

I was depressed over insurance company hassle. Decided not to MRI my knee just yet. Dr. SSP thinks it might be strained ligaments which would require PT anyway so I am going for PT (at 7am yippee!!!)
I went to hell wtih myself (I thought) with the calories but I logged and it was only 1200 and change. So if I close the kitchen for tonight, I'll be OK. Mern, I love sharing food ideas with you and this planning has really been helping me. Unbelievably.
Babelfish sound interesting. I guess it is an online translation thing. Mike and I are discussing our plan to overthrow the gov't. KIDDDING!!!! With my limited vocab, we are just wishing each other well on our goals.

Ama, thanks, I am hoping to break 130 soon. Or as Mern says get into a new decade lol. It will be mind blowing for me.

Mike I had a dream we met in a supermarket near me. You were with a short guy with a lot of tattoos. You know anyone like this?

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