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Smile Started FitDay 1/25/13, but need clarification about calories lifestyle.

Hi everyone!

I just started FitDay last week (1/25/13) being 167 pounds. It is 1/31/13 today and I am down to 162.8!!! My goal is to lose about 10 lbs a month. I am pretty sure weight loss won't be so fast my 2nd week onwards... I tend to plateau, level out, then drop suddenly. Not sure if you guys have the same way of losing weight. I just hope I keep losing and reach the 10lbs a month goal. (I have about 40lbs to lose)

I do have a question though... I don't know what Calories Lifestyle means. Mine is set to 2346, and according to my goal, i should eat 1247 calories a day. So, what does calories lifestyle mean and how does it relate to calories eaten/burned? I dont see anything about this in the support section either. can someone help clarify?

Oh and I tend to gain weight whenever i start working out. whats up with that? even if its just walking or weight shoots up! it is so frustrating!

Thank you for reading my post!

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