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Joanna, thanks for explaining about your blood sugar highs and lows, and that water intake does affect the blood sugar. Reading your story made me so grateful that I was diagnosed with PRE-diabetes and that I can keep my blood sugar normal through diet and exercise--at least for now, anyway. My best wishes on your blood sugar and insulin dosage management.

Ama, that's great that you found the whipped butter. I totally agree with you that (as long as you don't have a health issue that forbids your using it) virtually any food moderation is fine. What a productive shopping trip! Yogurt is even touted by many doctors as healthful as long as it's not loaded with sugar, so I'd be surprised if you have to count the yogurt bacteria as an ingredient. Ooh, enjoy your free day Sunday. If you are OK with changing your "nothing out of a box, can....that has more than five ingredients..." my unsolicited vote is to go for it. I always keep in mind what my doctor said, "You don't have to be perfect, just better than you used to be."
Way to go on the walk. Ooh, thanks for the sauce recipe! I'm going to copy that to my hard drive. I'll bet it makes your house smell wonderful!
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