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DS and I went to the grocery this AM and I had time to do alot of label reading. I found whipped butter (only 2 ingredients). As long as we use it in moderation I think it is a good real food altenative (to the butter substitutes). I can't really think of anything we bought that had more than 5 ingredients! Except maybe the BBQ wing sauce, and yogurt (do bacteria count?). Need wing sauce for the super-bowl Sunday lasagne I plan to make this weekend . Free day Sunday!

Daily vitamin: Y, Y, Y
Nothing out of a box, can, bag, bottle or package that has more than 5 ingredients listed on the label: N, but if I change this to 75% then Y, N, Y
Drink lots of H2O: Y, Y, Y
Be mindful of portion sizes: Y, Y, Y
Exercise 3x this week: Not yet. Not yet. Good walk with DS and the dog!

Skimmed the posts - so a few responses until I get caught up...

Mern - The red sauce has onion, garlic, dried basil, olive oil (just enough to cook the onion and garlic), crushed tomatoes (15oz can), 1/3 can water, about 1/2 lb ground pork (pre-browned and all fat drained), salt and pepper. The "real" recipe calls for adding home-made meatballs, tossing in Italian sausage and spare-ribs, but I cut out all meat except a little ground pork for flavor. This is the recipe that takes almost 2 hours to make because it must simmer on the stove until the sauce turns darker in color (from bright red to deep red). The flavor really changes with the long cooking time.

Hope - 130!!! YAY! I bet you make that 125 goal by your birthday with no problem!

Krystal - So glad the ankle is just a sprain!
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