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Default Hi, Just signed up today and now I see all the cool profile names..

wish I choose something better than JohnRobert1964.

(But my name isn't actually John, so HA!)

So real quick, why am I here? Well besides the extra 20 pounds around my gut (I quit smoking in 2004, and within 2 years grew the extra blubber which has stayed with me).

I have children who are active in sports and I do a fair amount of coaching. I have bad knees though (no cartiledge) so I can't run at all. I would like to stay active for them.

But what gets me really erked is my dad who is 84 recently went from 204 to 184 (he had help though, had his gaulbladder removed)

Still, not fair that he loses weight and I stay the same day after day.

I am determined to feel better!!

Now just need to learn how to use this website.

If you say Hi, I'll share my carrots with you

And I promise to be a good neighboor here too.

Thanks and Hi All

Bob (real name)
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