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Krystal! Wishing you much happiness in your new home in Denver and lots of fun time with your friend. So glad your ankle is sprained rather than broken! Wishing you freedom from pain and a speedy total recovery. Birthday cake is worth scale fluctuations. LOL

Jenn, best wishes on your bloodwork results. I'm really lucky. I go to my doctor's office for bloodwork and get my results the very next day. The blood goes from the doc's office by courier just 6 miles to the hospital lab and gets tested almost immediately upon arrival. The results go electronically from the lab to the doctors office and are posted the next day by the doctor's office into my online health management account along with one or two sentences of comments from my doc about the results. But I have a more in-depth in-person consultation about the results and a routine checkup a week after the bloodwork. UGH on the venipuncture. I, too, have deep veins and even when I'm well hydrated they have a hard time getting anything out of my arm. 90% of the time they wind up having to take it from the nice plump veins on top of my hand, but that doesn't bother me at all. Aw, glad you didn't get the pissy woman. The two at my doc's office are both really nice.

Joanna, did you feel better and was your blood sugar better after possibly overtreating lows? If so, I would add that, in my opinion, the blood sugar rightfully takes priority over sticking to your calorie goals when it's too low. It's all about better health, so you did what you decided you needed and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Question to which I don't know the answer: does water intake affect your home blood sugar test? Kudos on your exercise this week! Way to go! And congrats on finishing Astro 534 and Phys 479.

Hope, I'm gonna have to break into the Babelfish online translator to snoop at what you and Mike are conversing about. LOL Nah, just kidding. I figure it might be just between the two of you. What's the latest on your knee?
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