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Well, girls I am finally honest enough with myself to see that I need help getting to that final number. I am trying not to be fixated on it, but in 2 pounds it will be a NORMAL BMI. I lost about 30 I can lose 2 more.

I've made some decisions. For me, this isnt about the scale anymore. I need to focus on the fitness and health part of the journey, which, if I do it right, the pounds should follow, right? So....

I have a meeting on Friday with a trainer at my gym to discuss my nutrition, my current workouts, my goals, my measurements, etc. I know my nutrition is pretty good, but obviously there is something in my equation that I am missing, since I've been teetering around this same weight since October. Maintenance is good, but I want to tweak this plan just a little bit more.

So... wish me luck I am pretty psyched.
Chris S.
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