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Wow, kudos to our group! The majority of us are having really good daily report this week! Everybody keep up the good work! Big hugs of encouragement to anyone who is struggling.

I hope everyone is safe from the windy weather in the US. We've had a lot of high winds where I live, but no damage. It was so noisy from the wind knocking things around Tuesday night that I hardly got any sleep. Went to bed at 9PM last night--VERY early for me--still windy but not as noisy so I got a good night's sleep.

Hope how'd your doc appointment go? MRI read yet? Really great Tuesday and Wednesday reports! My heartfelt best wishes on your goal number 8. OMG, 130! Kudos on that! New "decade" of weight, here she comes!!! Best wishes on your "land mines." I need to buy more fresh kale. Great minds think alike--I'm having salami and spinach rollups today. Ooh, I made healthy lemon mini tarts once out of low carb tortilla wraps I baked in a mini muffin tin and then filled with low fat lemon yogurt. Thanks for the inspiration--I have the wraps AND lemon yogurt in the fridge. I'll enjoy that tomorrow. That's what I love about the menu sharing--keeps many of us from getting in a food rut.

Joanna, STELLAR Tuesday report! I hope you were able to enjoy the extra time afforded by the missed class yesterday. Will it be easy to catch up?

Donna, well done on your Tuesday report! I think some people might be a little intimidated to open a new thread so do their meandering on other threads. I hope the sugar tally will be implimented soon as there are a lot of people who want it. When is your colonoscopy?

Ama, nice Tuesday report! Did you get in your walk with DS and the hound? I love that you put "Water all day!" in your Wednesday plan. That's a good example for many of us who fall short on the water goal. Question: what ingredients did you use for your homemade sauce for the rigatoni? I have a blend of Italian seasoning that I keep made up and often just add a bunch of it to canned tomato sauce for a quick sauce. That's great that your DH is supportive and helpful in your way of food and fitness as well.

Mike, LOL on your "regular members" comment. I hope your 2 lb. loss sticks. Kudos on your report this week! The bike pic is really great.

Darlene, how are you feeling? I hope you did get a good night's sleep. I'm not always good on pre-logging my planned menus but I'm learning what a valuable tool it is. I was just lucky that I thought to do it right before dinner yesterday and was reminded that I erred in my planning--I can't eat low carb pasta and mashed cauliflower with cheese on the same day or it puts me over in carbs. I'm going to take a tip from you and try to pre-log the day before and if not, then no later than after breakfast (since I don't work outside the home.)
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