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planning must be working because I hit 130, lowest I've been in years. Will I break 130? I've got a poker game, a discussion group, and a Superbowl party, all land mines.

plan for tomorrow:
ham and egg whites
chef salad
shrimp and veg
dried kale
cheese stick
turkey bologna roll ups
sf biscotti or healthy lemon tart (1/2)

how i did:
1/2 spinach bagel (the woman in the store gave it to me because I was intrigued and it was the end of the day so I guess I MUST eat at least part of it heavy sigh twist my arm - just not my knee!) FINE whole bagel and goat cheese; used it to replace other stuff
leftover tuna with hot wasabi sauce, lotta veg, tiny bit of brown rice - yes
grilled halibut, squash - yes, smaller amount than usual
cashews -no
dried kale - no
cheese sticks or bologna rollups -2 slices ham
clementine - 2 strawberries

computer glitchy, more tomorrow
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