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Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
Yes, I did carp about the need for 'Sugar' logging in the tech section, two weeks ago, but haven't seen a reply. The discussion in the FitDay 2.0 Feedback & Support thread did some meandering from what I felt was the core issue, and this applies to both FitDay 2.0 and Classic, so I re-raised it here. I really hope someone from Internet Brands could speak to this, so at least I would know not to raise the point again if the cause is futile.
I totally agree. This is an old discussion and it would be great to have an answer. I know there are much bigger fish to fry right now, though, in keeping everyone from getting kicked off the server. Once that stuff settles down, I'll bump it up to an admin and see if there's any word.

Hope you all are doing well; just skimmed; I'm on lunch break from court and I need to get back there before the severe storms hit!

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