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So many of you mentioned yesterday about being so busy and being up late at night. Wishing all of you busy pals the refreshment of sleep.

Cassie, best wishes on managing your busy work load and getting enough sleep. Wow, you have to be working really hard in your nutrition tracker to achieve such good food intake and pie chart goal adherance! Way to go! You must be a very skilled number juggler!

Krystal, so sorry about your ankle injury! Wishing you a speedy recovery! Best wishes on the outcome of the Colorado interview as well. Nice goals! Aw, thanks for your encouragement, sweetie. And I know you have it in you to keep moving forward as well, but I hope you pamper yourself a bit while you're nursing your ankle.

Joanna, so sorry you're still getting kicked off the forum! Hope you got a good night sleep.

Darlene, wishing you some quality free time and good sleep.

Hope, I think YOUR menus are amazing. I wish I didn't have to log every bite of food that goes into my mouth--it's a pain in the butt and takes so much of my time. I intend some day to be at a much more healthful weight and be able to do those side by side reports like you do. You inspire me so. Your report for yesterday looked quite admirable. LOL on the absence of the tangerine. Thanks for your answer about the Tofutti cream cheese. I looked at the nutrition facts at the store yesterday and it doesn't fit into my current food intake guidelines. To low carb my meatloaf I use textured veggie protein in place of breadcrumbs or crackers and crushed tomatoes or plain tomato sauce in place of catsup/ketchup. My faux rice pudding is made with textured veggie protein, zero cholesterol egg substitute, whey protein powder, and nutmeg. LOL on your Applegate Farms stuff. My Hormel Natural Choices is like that--"good stuff for um ya know bad stuff like cold cuts." Thanks for sharing the basic ingredients for your DH's chicken, onions and peppers dish. I might try that sometime.

Robin, wishing you a speedy recovery from this flare-up of your disorder. Big cyberhug to ya!

Tori, good report on your food. What baby steps can you tell us you're willing to take to get back to some formal exercise? How about even some jumping jacks and jogging in place in your living room while watching TV until you decide on what your more formal routine will be? Come on girl, give us something.
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