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Let me jump back in for this week! Last week I was getting ready for an interview and then flew to Colorado for said interview! Got back yesterday, but sprained/broke my ankle before my first flight back. Longest flights I ever had ensued, lol! Waiting to hear back from the x-rays I had taken! But I actually find it funny; I'm just annoyed I cannot get on the elliptical now!

Goals for the rest of the week:

1) Drink 2-3 litres of water:
2) Keep under 1700 calories:
3) Drink 1-3 glass of green tea a day:
4) Stay off my foot so it can heal!:
5) Make at least one homemade meal this week:
6) Finish both classes' hw by Friday evening:

Joanna - Great job on losing 1.8 lbs! That's so close to that 2 you wanted, it definitely counts as a huge win!

Hope - Best of luck with your surgery tomorrow! Let us all know how it goes!

Mern - You're doing fabulous, as always! You're such an inspiration to keep me going forward!

Mike - Sorry about Chloe! I'm sure she's wishing she could go every day with you!

Everyone else, I need more time to actually read and not just scan, but it looks like everyone has been doing so well! Glad to be back in this week

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