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Ama, aw, I hope your DS has a speedy recovery from the eye infection. I hope you and DH don't get it. I remember once as a kid having such a bad eye infection that I woke up with my eyes glued shut, too, and I was scared to death because I thought I had gone blind during the night. I think I was about five years old and my dad bathed them open with warm water as you did your son's. I also hope you are able to somewhat enjoy your mandated time off work to care for him. Congratulations on your Monday report. Well done! Thanks so much for your encouragement. Some days I have to spend a LOT of time juggling the numbers and I don't like that. On this plan I have to eat every two-three hours (either a meal or a snack) to keep avoid blood sugar spikes and plummets and today I was really, really short on calories. I talk a lot to my DH about how I'm doing and tonight when I told him how disappointed I was with being so short on calories and being tired of trying to juggle the numbers, he had suggestions for evening snacks to help make up the difference without going over in carbs. He usually only half listens, but really came through for me tonight. I'll be 4 grams short on fiber, but I'm ok with that as I usually easily make my target.

Darlene, well done on your food! Sounds like the inventory gave you a lot of exercise, too.

Jenn, kudos on your SPECTACULAR Monday report!
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