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I know where you are coming from I'm 43 (6'1" tall) and had been struggling with weight loss\gain all my life. Over the course of that journey I was successful in losing substantial amounts of weight (as much as 60-70 lb.) at a time, but sure enough my lifestyle would eventually push me back to near 300 ib. Currently, I'm on a weight loss spree again, but decided to approach it creatively this time around. A few years back I joined Weightwatchers and was able to lose 30 lb. in four months. This time I decided to modify that model and made a bet with a close friend of mine to enter into a two-man competition. We weighted ourselves a week ago and agreed to compare our weights weekly. Every week the “winner” (by weight lost in percent’s) receives $100 from the “looser”. Our first week results were astonishing – each of us lost around 15 lb. What really helped is constantly “pinching” each other with some light good hearted humor. We also supported each other’s efforts by encouraging and complementing on our progress. We are into the second week now and hopefully will meet our personal weight goals soon. If you have a friend who is also overweight, you could try similar approach. It works for us and it can work for you! Good luck!
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