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Mike - Poor Chloe, I am sorry to hear she was hurting so bad on your walk… I hope she feels better on a new diet and with some rest. Very sensible goals this week!

Mern - As always I am amazed at how you are able to juggle your diet to fit into specific percentages in your pie chart. I hope your new plan continues to provide you with success! The 14 ingredients were just for the pasta alone with no sauce - but now that I think about it that was tri-color pasta (DS picked it out). I bet that was why there were so many ingredients. I don't like black coffee either, but if I remember to take a small thermos of milk to work I can avoid the dry creamer provided by the office, and still stay under 5 ingredients.

Cassie - Yep it was the pasta! But I think it was tri-color so it makes sense now why the list was so long. Unfortunately I already threw out the box, but will check next time I am in the pasta isle. I always make my own sauce out of veggies so no preservative there. But I always love new recipes!!! The best sauce I ever learned to make was from a Sicilian woman (I took an Italian cooking class last year). It was a red sauce which she called "gravy" and it takes several hours to make. If you have any recipes you would like to send my way I would appreciate it! I need to get on the Food Facts site and research butter/substitutes - it is a tricky one for sure, almost lesser of evils decision on what to buy. PS - 1301 is awesome!

Donna - I'll try the yogurt in smoothies! Haven't tried that yet but sounds yummy! But we did try kale… but too much…need to cut back on the kale! The 5 ingredients goal is proving to be really tough to meet, but I figure it is making me read labels again consistently, and I am cutting out things that I would normally just eat without thinking about it. I think I'll change my goal to about 75% a Y. At least I could see some green that way!

Tori - I have a specific hatred for the treadmill as well - boring as heck to walk in place for 20 min or so. My gym has TVs on each treadmill, but I never bring a headset so I just try to read lips. Nice goals this week! Poor Jassi, and you for being apart so much! I hope the house hunting goes well so that the 3 of you can settle in together soon!

Robin - I hope you feel better soon! Doesn't sound like the flu though so that is good! Best wishes to you this week!

Hope - What is your big day all about? Did you have an assignment to do for your class? I like all the pretty blue of your goals!

Joanna - How do you make your popcorn? I have recently tried making it the old-fashioned way, in a pot with some coconut oil. But it is bland… if I get the butter thing figured out maybe I can improve upon it. You have some big goals this week - are those grant proposals?

Jenn - Good goals! Yay you got your exercise in, kept your carbs/protein in range and you are logging! Best of luck to you this week!
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