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Byardley, welcome to our group. Edited in later: Oops welcomed this person to our group by mistake unless he/she is lurking. I accidentally picked up the name from a thread on another forum.

Cassie, one calorie over goal is something to crow about. LOL Nice report! I hope you had a great night of sleep and enjoyed the oats this morning.

Donna, Mike and Jenn, I'm rooting for you to eat more veggies today.

Jenn, congrats on the water you DID drink and on your exercise and logging. I had trouble with the nutrition tracker yesterday and I don't think it was my computer. It was freezing on me, too, and sometimes would revert back to whatever page of the website I was on previously.

Donna, nice report! I was going to suggest you copy your post about tracking sugar to the Forum Feedback and Support, but I see you already did that. Best wishes.

Joanna, LOL on the yeast popcorn. Can you taste the nutritional yeast? You've come a long way in learning how to control your blood sugar. Kudos on that. I think the deal with feeling fine with high blood sugar is that we don't realize how much better we could feel with normal blood sugar until we get there. It reminds me of when I asked my eye doctor for computer glasses as bifocals with no prescription on top and a reading prescription on the bottom so I could read from a paper and type it into the computer. He gave me a prescription for the top of the bifocals, too, and until then I thought my computer monitor was supposed to look slightly fuzzy. Controlled blood sugar is our "new normal."
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