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Tuesday planned menu:
Breakfast: veggie omelet topped with 1/2 ounce Laughing Cow Cheese
Snack: almonds
Lunch: tuna salad on a bed of fresh spinach, sweet & sour cucumbers
Snack: protein shake
Dinner: low carb meat loaf, sauteed green beans, low carb pasta with mushrooms
Snack: textured veggie protein "rice" pudding

Mike, way to go on eating eating better.

Joanna, great job on probably eating just under what you burned. Better than the other way around. Isn't popcorn pretty healthful if you don't put salt and butter on it? But I'd guess it would taste akin to styrofoam packing peanuts. LOL

Hope, questions:

1. When you report on how well you stuck to your menu, is that because you feel you didn't do well if you deviated from what you planned or do you do that in lieu of logging in the nutrition tracker? Just wondering because in my plan the author strongly recommends pre-planning but gives his blessing to change our minds as long we stay within the plan's dietary guidelines.

2. Does tofutti cream cheese taste like Philadelphia Cream Cheese?

I use Hormel or Boar's Head no preservative ham and also no nitrite bacon. Your menu tomorrow looks yummy! I LOVE squash ravioli and boiled or grilled shrimp, but not breaded or deep fried shrimp. Does your DH cook the chicken and zucchini with peppers and onions? That sounds delicious.
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