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Mern, I should follow your lead and do egg white omelets, but I know I'll never cook breakfast on a weekday. It just won't happen, so that's out. I used to cook up a nest of boiled eggs and eat one or two on the mornings when I was in a hurry. With a couple of dashes of hot sauce to get the motor running. Now, one whole egg is my whole cholesterol limit for the day. & I might have a problem boiling a half dozen egg whites, so I think that's out. I'll have to try Fiber One. And goat milk yogurt.

Jenn, My Mom used to eat Shredded Wheat all the time and I would make fun of her, but even though it looks unappetizing to me, I can get over that. Humility, is not my strong suit, but I could perhaps add a side of crow.

Cassie, I switched to all natural peanut butter, so peanut butter and bananas are definitely a possibility. High fiber english muffins sound good, too. I eat a lot of almond for snacks, but think something more substantial for breakfast will keep me sated longer. BTW, I love the jpg you posted.
Oh, & instead of butter I've been using peanut oil, or peanut/olive mix. Once in a blue moon I'll throw in some butter to get things browner, but just a pat. Peanut oil is a tad expensive but not as much as real butter.

Tori, I haven't tried cottage cheese in ages! I'll have to consider that. Since my main goal is lower cholesterol I've tried to swear off cheese or all kinds, but cottage cheese may work.

Ama, I'm with you on 'nothing that has more than 5 ingredients listed on the package' rule. Excellent advice. And smoothies, with low sugar yogurt and cud, um, I mean kale. That's what I should eat, smoothies with greek yogurt and green vegetables!

Hope, You Rock. Don't let that doc try to intimidate you. You Got That.

- Donna
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