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Yep, I'm looking forward to trying a smoothie soon, too. I just need to get past the cold-drink-cold-weather hurdle. Maybe later in the week.

Mike, sorry about your Chloe' girl . There are some folks who live near us who had an elderly dog with a lot of joint pain. They did get some medication for her and it helped quite a bit. I hope you can find something to help her.

But that's not an excuse...keep walking . Now you have to enjoy it for BOTH of you.

Ama, I hear you on the ingredient thing. Was it the pasta or the sauce that was the problem? I have a lot of recipes I like for sauces; if you want some, give a holler. My hubby's Italian, so it's always been homemade sauce in our house. He refers to Ragu as "raw goo." And the Smart Balance butter is one of my conundrums as well. I waver between the artificiality of margarine and the heavy calorie/fat load of butter. Right now I'm using something that is a butter-olive oil blend; not calorie friendly, but I don't use it much. Same for sugar vs. sweeteners. I don't know that there's a answer; it's just personal choice.

Thanks, Hope .

Glad you all are here today. Wish some of our long losts would pop back in!

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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