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Hope, "demented scale" I'm so sorry you have to restrict your cheese due to allergies. Today I erred in choosing both 1/2 ounce fatty cheese on my chef salad for lunch and having a 21g stick of protein category cheese as a snack. It was a good lesson for me to learn on my first day on this program. With having eaten both cheeses, my sat fat today will be at 12%. Had I not eaten the fatty cheese, I'd have made my goal of 10% saturated fat. Ah, I GET it now. And I think it's an adjustment I can make without much difficulty. I sought out a new eating plan to learn some new tweaks to try to help speed up my metabolism, and the cheese guidelines may prove to be quite a beneficial one.

Jenn, thanks for telling me what normal is for you for triglycerides and A1C. We measure our triglycerides differently. Normal is 150 or less and my last test was a whopping 272, down from my highest of 286. A1C normal here is 4-6% mine has been between 5.6 and 5.9% since May of 2011. My doc is a little leary of all the protein I eat, but my blood protein and any tests that would point to possible kidney problems are always normal. Doc gave me her reluctant blessing to proceed at 120g protein per day until my next blood tests in March, but I'll compromise and see if I can drop it down to 100g on my new plan (which has unlimited protein) and still lose weight.

Ama, happy Monday to you, too. Keep in mind that being up a few pounds doesn't mean it's all fat weight gain--could also partially be water retention and scale fluctuations. And yes, YOU'VE GOT THIS, too. Now might be a good time for you to start with unseasoned canned tomato sauce and add your own herbs and spices--I'll bet it wouldn't be 14. UGH, I cannot go black coffee--more power to ya. Ooh, I should look at my brand of smart butter. Thanks for bringing that up. Smoothies are yummy--I'm so glad Donna shared her ideas with us.

Aw, Mike, so sorry about Choe's pain. It really sucks big time when our pets develop arthritis or any other health issues. LOL on your reply about where your head has been. But there ya go! Nice simple goals for attacking your scale numbers.
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