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Unfortunately I believe I've lost my walking partner, Chloe'. We went out for a walk a few days ago. I planed on knocking out 6 miles. As soon as we got out the car, I noticed she had a slight limp. After about a mile it had cleared up. A couple miles in, I started to jog, my poor girl was lagging behind, so that didn't last long. We stopped several times so I could give her water, the temps were around 70*. Around the 1/2 way point, she was panting heavily so I stopped at a gas station and grabbed us a big bottle of water. Yes, I said us.

Soon after that I could tell she was whipped, head hanging low, tongue hanging out. I found a nice shaded spot and let her lay down to catch her breath for a little while. We start headed back towards the car, which is a couple miles away, and her limp has gotten much worse. We go about another 100 yards and I call it quits for my baby. As much as I didn't want to have to make that call, I called my GF to have her come pick Chloe' up. She sits down and puts her front left leg up. She sets it back down and lets out a yelp. So we sat and waited for her to show. Once she got there, I put her in the car and I continued my walk without my trusted partner.

I make it home she's walking with three legs with her front left leg up. I wrapped it and must have had the bandage a little snug because her foot started to swell up. I take off the bandage and she hopped around for the rest of the day. The following day she seems like she back to normal.

Last year the vet told me she had the beginning signs of arthritis. It looks like it caught up to her. The heat breaking thing is she LOVES to walk. I'm going to see about changing her food, if that seems to help I may start walking with her again. I will just have to limit her to short distances.

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Mike, so what is your plan to attack your scale number? The only issue I had today was that as I was posting in the reply box my reply diasppeared and the page reverted to displaying the previous posts.
That would require me getting my head out my ass. I guess I need to do that.
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