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I fell off from posting end of last week – between the heavy work load and the log-in errors on FD I kind of gave it up! Unfortunately I am up a few lbs from last week… errr. I mentally allow a 3 lb range, but I have hit the ceiling to time to get back to it! I got this!!!

Similar goals for this week. I am really trying to cut back on “ingredients” in an attempt to eat real. This is proving really tough! I made pasta and there were 14 ingredients listed on the label . The coffee creamer I use at work every day has more ingredients than I am even going to attempt to count (so I am drinking black coffee at work now). And the Smart Butter DH and I usually buy has a laundry list of stuff in it, also too much to count.

At least DH and I are starting our garden early this year, and we have been drinking smoothies for breakfast every morning (re Donna ) so we are plowing through fruit and veggies at breakneck speed!

Daily vitamin:
Nothing out of a box, can, bag, bottle or package that has more than 5 ingredients listed on the label:
Drink lots of H2O:
Be mindful of portion sizes:
Exercise 3x this week:

It sounds like we are off to a great start this week! Happy Monday to everyone!
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