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Joanna! Well done! Congrats on your weight loss. Best wishes on your food, fitness, and studies goals this week.

Donna, my favorite breakfast is a zero cholesterol egg substitute veggie omelet. Two servings of the egg substitute gives me 10g protein and no added sugar.

Jenn, thanks for telling me when your next dr. appointment is. You and I have a lot in common with the blood sugar and cholesterol issues and both being over 200 lbs. I forgot--do you also have high triglycerides? Kudos on the snow shoveling--certainly IS calorie burning exercise, especially when it's slushy snow. I'm rooting for you to reach your mini goal by Feb. 14. Keep thinking positive thoughts.

Mike, so what is your plan to attack your scale number? The only issue I had today was that as I was posting in the reply box my reply diasppeared and the page reverted to displaying the previous posts.

Hope, I think your scale must be a sister of my scale. If I get on mine three times in a row I get three different numbers--not kidding. I go by the highest of the three numbers to err on the side of conservatism. My doctor's scale consistently registers three pounds lower than my scale. I go by my own scale on FitDay, but keep in the back of my mind, when I'm discouraged that the doc's scale says I weigh three pounds less. YUM on your menu! I love cheese--any kind. On my new eating plan, though, I can count cheese as a protein if there are more grams of protein than fat--if so I am can have a whole ounce as a serving. But if there are more fat grams, I have to count it as a fat and can have only 1/2 ounce which means just using it as a flavoring. I used a half ounce on TOP of my omelet yesterday rather than IN the omelet and I could still taste it, so I guess I can adapt to that new guideline.
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