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Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
Sounds like a good plan, Ed

sw, the pain was on the outside of my knee caps, sort of like, when you sit down, there's kind of a space between where the thigh bone meets the lower leg bone meets the patella, and it was right in there. In any case, it didn't last after I stopped running or anything, just as I was running did I feel the pain.
Joanna,How are your thigh muscles? Do target them by doing lunges or squats? I don't wanna sound like Capt'n Obvious, but you should take it easy especially if the pain persists.It sounds like you already have an idea what it could be (stride,overuse, shoes etc)

Ed, your plan sounds very do-able.

As for me, on whim last night,I registered for a Super Bowl 10k race this upcoming Sunday. Registration was closing so I figured what the heck, I did it last year in 54:50. The weather forecast looks really good for next weekend and it should be a fun "flat" race.
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