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1) plan meals (seems to be working)
2) stick to plan or reasonable substitutes
3) water, gotta do it, 6 glasses c'mon
4) stretch
5) meditate (also working)
6) practice Spanish
7) write 5 days this week
8) do not get discouraged (health, writing, family, etc.)

Hello fellow motivators!!! Yucky day out but trying to keep spirits high. I got faked out by my scale. Got on today and it said I was the lowest I've been in 15 years (130). And then got on again (why did I do that?) and it was up a pound from that, which is still good. These five or six pounds are my "white whale." I got this.

That's what I want you all to say to yourselves too. I got this. Jenn, those three pounds by Feb 14: you got this. Joanna, you're so accomplished; you got this. Donna, you're sticking with your goals shows they're good ones. You got this.

We got this, right!! Sorry if I seem like an insane cheerleader but I have to go to my knee surgeon tomorrow and I am NOT psyched but trying to get into a positive place.

Breakfasts: lately egg whites and no nitrite ham, eggs (as omelets or with or without no nitrite bacon- turkey or pork- or chicken or turkey sausage.) But I am also adding almond milk shakes, oatmeal or sugar free or low sugar muesli (Familia) with almond or soy milk. I get bored, not gonna lie. Sometimes I buy sugar free goat or sheep milk yogurt (sounds yucky, I know but it's not bad) and add stevia and flavorings (chocolate and coffee are favorites) I get from the health food store. If you can do cows milk yogurt (I can't) I say get some Brown Cow or other good brand unsweetened and do your own thing, even if it's adding maple syrup, honey, stevia, whatever. I also think there's antoehr thread on this (breakfasts) but I might be mistaken.

Plan for today:
egg whites and no nitrite ham
1/2 chicken sandwich
DH's chicken and zucchini with peppers and onions
dried kale
no nitrite trukey bologna
goat cheese

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