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Cassie, thanks for telling me about how wonderful it was having your other parents living next door. My maternal grandmother lived within walking distance of my childhood home. My other grandparents lived maybe 30 miles or so away, but had a farm and we visited there maybe a couple times per month. Paternal grandma was the most wonderful cook I've ever known and so loving. Paternal grandpa died when I was five, but I always remember his big smile and "Hello, kiddo!" greeting. Maternal grandma was the most horrible cook--everything swimming in grease and pie crust so thick it would choke a horse, but she was an excellent seamstress and very loving as well. Sounds like you're having a productive day with the driving and heading toward reports. I've had a really lovely day--scheduled day off exercise gave me time to sit down and read in prep for starting my new eating lifestyle tomorrow. Enjoy those granola bars.

Jenn, kudos on the workout today! Glad that taco soup is so satisfying for you. When is/was your doctor appointment? I have a number in mind, too--for my March 11 doctor's appointment. Would love to be down to 208 on my scale which is 205 on doc's scale. But I decided I'm just going to give it my best shot, and if I don't reach that goal I can still be proud of myself for trying so hard.

Joanna Hey, girl, WAY TO GO on your low calories after two dinners and one being out with friends!
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