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Mike, thanks for the dancing banana! Gave me a good giggle as we haven't used that for a while. Your encouragement is very much appreciated.

Thanks to all for your kind words and good wishes about our additional great-grandchild on the way.

Cassie, I've done the night feedings for two of my grandchildren but, yes, indeed, it will feel strange (yet bonding) doing it for a great-grandchild. It's just wonderful to learn that you have fond memories of growing up with your grandmother living with you. GD mostly buys and cooks her own food and I'm so tickled that she is "healthing up" her purchases, taking healthful snacks to school, and keeping healthful snacks at her fiance's house. Wow! AGAIN your reports for the whole week are absolutely AWESOME! I wanna be like you when I "grow up." Thanks for your tips on getting into the troublesome forum. Thanks to you, whenever I have problems now, I just go and clear my web browsing history and then I can get in. BUT yesterday and today I had no problems at all.

Robin, kudos on having continued university while having two children. I know it'll work out here, too--my daughter got pregnant once in high school and once in college by the same boyfriend. She and the children continued living with us until she graduated college and then she married the children's father.

Hope, as always, thanks for all your encouragement. I had an egg substitute mushroom omelet with cheese for breakfast this morning but after receiving and beginning to read my new Diet-Free for Life book yesterday I learned I'm not eating enough calories for breakfast. The chocolate almond coconut protein bars brought me up to speed as each bar, the way I cut them provides 121 calories plus low carbs and good protein. I love your menus, too. I very often get inspired by them and it keeps me from getting burned out. Kudos on your walking, you brave soul! How did you feel afterwards? OMG, how rude and uncompassionate for Dr. Scum Sucking Pig to tell you "Then don't cross your leg." Really!!!!! I can't imagine how difficult it must be to get out of a chair and to have to remember to not cross your leg. I hope the PT works and you can at least be able to rely on less painkillers. Kudos on your reports through Saturday and I hope you can enjoy more writing soon.

Donna, it's all about averages. That 320mg cholesterol on Friday followed four very low days. Kudos on that. Great effort on the veggies. You are rocking your calorie goal! So sorry your allergies are acting up. Thanks for the tips from the "Fat Chance..." I'll check out that link for your favorite tips later.
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