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So putting aside my flip flops and putting on boots, grabbing my down jacket instead of my bathing suit, I took a short walk. I bit off a bit more than I could chew (which wasn't much) but I kept telling myself on the way back: you only have to make it to that church and then you can rest; you only have to make it to the pizzeria and if you need to call DH to pick you up, you can. And I made it the whole way that way. I underestimated it. DH said I prolly walked about a mile, a big deal for me at this point.

Mern, you asked why I don't like Dr Scum Sucking Pig. Really I went to the best hospital and got the latest device from the top doctor. But the device has glitches. Last time (two years ago on my DD's birthday) I crossed my leg and the same thing happened. The device moved somewhere it shouldn't have, causing bone crunching pain. When I told the doctor this, he said, "Then don't cross your leg." Really? I accepted that I would never been able to run, never be able to squat. But I was not warned I would not be able to cross my leg or get up from a chair. So I am figuring PT, building up my muscles, hard because of the fibro. I have hope cause - pardon the bad pun - that's who I am. And this time I want to do it sans painkillers so wish me luck, y'all!!

23 degrees out. Reality, huh, Robin? Gimme back the fantasy!!!!!

Great to see so many warriors here. Glad you're here, Joanna. Love how you are facing your struggles. Boot camp. Booyah!

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