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Default Fruit...Good or Bad?

Hi Gill,

I have a question regarding your meals for the day. Does your noon salad contain protein? I'm certainly no expert, but I've been able to eat fruit as a snack with no problem, so far, with losing 9.9 pounds in the past four weeks I've also been eating a large salad for lunch, on most days, but I make sure I add a small tin of flavoured tuna, or 3 oz of chicken or fish to keep me satisfied. I'm drinking at least 48 oz of water every day, throughout the day and so, far it's been working! For myself, I've noticed that as long as I count my fruit within the total day's calories and eat enough protein, I'm losing weight steadily. I've also cut out sugar completely, except for what is naturally found in fruit. Also, increasing my fiber to 25 grams is working too. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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