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Originally Posted by ljwc View Post
Do you really believe "think this guy's here to help me learn that I really am okay, no matter what anyone else thinks"? Maybe I'm reading what you wrote wrong.
Maybe she does, and if so, I think it can be a healthy thing. I think its far better to learn from a negative situation so that you don't end up repeating it again, than to simply get out of one bad situation and ending up in another because you never figured out how you got into the first one. That said, I wouldn't encourage anyone to stay in an unhealthy relationship that doesn't show any signs of improving, but only she can know that. There is a fine line between finding what good may come out of something and blinding oneself to what's actually going on.

You did bring up some really great points on intimacy. DC, I hope you consider what everyone has said and make a healthy decision for yourself. How are you doing?

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