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Thanks Donna for the suggestions about the buffet and the link. The link helped too. I am going to take 1 reasonable plate with mostly protein and eat really slow. Not worry about what others are eating. I have 2 sons who are on body building diets, trying to eat 3000 cals a day. I will try not to be envious lol.

Congrats Mern. I am sure with all the family help things will go fine. I had 2 children while in university and it was definitely not easy but it is certainly possible. I agree with Cassie, having a present grandparent (or 2 or 3 or 4) is such a gift. Lucky her or him!

Joanna I wish you well for your weigh in Monday. I admire you that you can wait.

It's quite obvious to me that food companies have been selling a load of crap calling it healthy because we blindly buy it believing the hype. I personally feel that I am just waking up to this. My rant Cassie

Hope welcome back to realty! Cold and all. What a great time to go on such a lovely vacation.

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