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Default Fri.

  • Cholesterol < 250 mg/day: 166, 143, 131, 98, 320
  • Exercise > 30 mins x 3: Y(50m), Y(45m), Y(40m)
  • Eat Vegetables > 3 servings/day: Y(4), Y(3), N(2), Y(3), ~(2.5)
  • Protein > 50 g / day: 82, 72, 59, 71, 57
  • Total Calories < 1750 / day: 1445, 1300, 1411, 1859, 1337
  • Less Sugar intake (subjective): N, Y, Y, N, ~
Had allergy issues, so didn't do as bad as I suspected. Chicken soup was counted as half a vegetable serving.

Robin: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you enjoy the Chinese buffet. You can try to 'get your money's worth' by sticking with the high protein items, even if the sauce is sometimes a mine field.

Mern: Four gold stars for staying on track while eating out! Sounds like you'll have your hands full later this year.

Hope: Sorry your vacation had to end. It sounded awesome.

Cassie: Kudos for skipping the chips at the Mexican place. I can never do that, even though I abhor the thought of eating genetically modified corn.

Joanne: Five days of boot camp! Impressive! Good luck with your run.

et Al: Saw a feature in the Washington post yesterday regarding a new book titled 'Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity and Disease.'
WaPo had a photo excerpt called 11 common-sense tips to eat, live healthier, with some really good tips.
I've linked one of my favorite tips: If it has a Nutrition Facts label, you probably don't want it.
The others are interesting, too. For instance, when you eat a Yoplait [my favorite brand] you're getting a yogurt plus [the equivalent of] eight ounces of Coca-Cola!
& Make sure cereal has more than five grams of fiber and less than one gram of sugar.
Check it out if you have a chance. It's pretty quick to flip through it.
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