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Hope! OMG! Whatever it was that made the difference, major congrats on that 2 lb. loss ON VACATION! Could be extra carbs like Mike suggested, or how the carbs and proteins were combined, but whatever it was, you did it right! Thanks for your encouragement on my control yesterday. I'll bet it was quite a shock coming home to the frigid cold. Ooh, thanks for posting your menu. It inspired me to make chicken salad for tomorrow's lunch. I hope Dr. Scum Sucking Pig can give you good news there's no serious damage to your knee and you're on the mend. What don't you like about this doctor?

Joanna, glad to see you here today. Keeping my fingers crossed for your pleasant surprise on the scale Monday. Way to go on the bootcamp! Keep in mind you could retain a little water in your muscles from bootcamp, but that'll go away quickly once your body accepts you're not trying to hurt it.

Darlene, thanks for your encouragement as always. Your intent to try to make smart choices while out for dinner with friends tomorrow is really admirable. And way to go on your intent to set your goals for next week Sunday night!

Robin, I agree that your lifestyle presents more nutrition challenges than my having more time to do home cooking. Kudos on bringing your lunch to work now and on your plan to snack before you go and make reasonable choices without feeling of deprivation at the Chinese buffet. Yeah, Chinese is especially hard to log--maybe the nutrition tracker has something in the database, but if not, just remember that the log is secondary to how your body responds to your choices. Remember to try to drink extra water to help combat the sodium from soy sauce if you eat any. I don't know that I'm flexible enough for yoga, but maybe I'll see what I can find on the Internet in the way of free videos to entertain that idea as a method of relaxation. Thanks for putting that out there for us.

Cassie, I'm so glad that you've got your willpower back. I do that, too--plan on leftovers. A lot of people don't like leftovers, but I learned to appreciate them in my childhood from what Mom called "get it yourself or go hungry night." Planning on cooking to have leftovers is of great benefit to me since I'm busier than I prefer to be in this stage of my life. It's really wonderful that you taught your son healhful eating so when he does have the opportunity at college he can make some healthful choices. OMG, your report for yesterday was fantastic AGAIN! You're really rocking it this week!

Back to my being busier than at prefer to be at this stage of my life. OK--I've been putting off this announcement--not that I feel I must announce it, but I want to share this mixed blessing which will cut into my FitDay time beginning the end of summer. 18 year old live-in GD got engaged on her birthday last September. Much to my surprise because I thought they both had a better grip on life's curve balls, she and her fiance are expecting a baby in August. Luckily they both attend college locally full time and work about 30 hours per week at their fast food jobs--and we live only 4.5 miles from his family. His family is wonderful, and they are going to help me with babysitting so I won't be the sole caregiver while GD and fiance are at school and work. His parents, my daughter, DH and I are all hoping that with our help they will get at least their bachelor's degrees before getting married. Baby will be sleeping in my room and I will do the night feedings on school nights until he/she starts sleeping through the night so GD will get enough sleep for school. (That's OK--I'm a light sleeper anyway and have always loved the special quality/bonding time of night feedings.) At some point during the day, depending on college and work schedules, her fiance's mother will take some babysitting duty. (Another blessing that she does not work outside the home.) One of her daughters and my daughter have offered to babysit some in the evenings in the event that both GD and her fiance are at work at the same time --to give both his mother and I a break. It'll all work out--I know that. This baby will be great grandchild number 3--the first two being from DH's first marriage.
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