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Joanna, yeah maybe I should go away more often!!! haha

Mike, I was NOT in NOLA. I was in Turks and Caicos, lots of yummy (and expensive!) food there. But for food (and fun) I know NOLA is the top.

Yeah, I have knee replacement and I got up to walk to DH and the replacement felt like it moved onto my bone. Yow!!!!!!!!!! I was on the floor. Now I can walk but not as much and my knee feels weird and sometimes not happy. So I have to go back to Dr Scum Sucking Pig and see what's up. Gotta find another doctor too.

How are you? How's the back? You're not getting lost in Blizzards and rum cake, are you? BTW, Joanna, if you're gonna binge, you gotta have pizza. What's a binge without pizza? IMHO. Ok gotta stop with the food porn. I am tempting myself.

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