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Originally Posted by dar n View Post
Way to go Mern and Cassie for beating the restaurant menus. I did well today but I am out for dinner with friends tomorrow night I probably won't do as well as you ladies did but I will try to make smart choices and I will be back Sunday night to set goals for next week!

Hi Mike and Joanna its so great that you guys are still doing so well Are April, Amy, Terry and Tori still around also?

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Darlene, I meant to welcome you back the other day but was having log in issues. WELCOME BACK!!! April, Terri and Amy have been MIA for a while. Tori is still with it.
Originally Posted by canary52 View Post

I was SHOCKED to find that I actually lost 2 pounds on vacation (back to 132.) I wasn't that active since I blew out my knee about two days before I left but I did walk as much as I could. Also I stretched and did floor exercises every day. I ate more food and more rich food than I ususally do and so my tummy was weird. I think part of what the weight loss came from was what Mike was talking to Joanna about, also the part about sometimes eating more or more carbs. Anyway, whatever it was, I'm grateful and hope to continue in this trend. On that note....
Hope, sorry to hear about your knee. I haven't been around much so I didn't know about your vacation... but I know one thing, if you're down 2 pounds, I know you didn't come to NOLA!
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