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Mern and Cassie thanks so much for your inspiration. I agree Mern that having the option to homecook gives far more choices. I am always on the go and. like Cassie, try to plan around that (e.g., leftovers) I do find it more challenging than homecooking. One of the things I have done since starting fitday is bringing my lunch to work. Supper choices are more difficult. I have been ok in my calorie choices on supper but not great with nutrition. I have not had a frozen entree or take out for lunch since starting fitday, so that's a huge improvement.

I too am going ok for dinner today....chinese buffet for my birthday. Yep this could be really bad. My plan is to make reasonable choices without feeling deprived. I don't know about logging but I'll try. I am not going to have any dessert (and they have awesome dessert there) because sweets are a trigger food for me. Normally I would go to a buffet starving (get your money's worth) but today I will have a snack before I go.

For anyone who thinks their mind is too busy for yoga- haha- that's what yoga is for- to train your mind to settle down. It might take years. I don't usually get to go to Yin but it is very relaxing for me.

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