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Thanks, Mern; I'm just tickled I finally found my willpower again. We've been taking a break from our relationship, apparently .

I really like your philosophy...thanks for sharing. We go out occasionally but by and large I cook meals. I try to plan on leftovers or a "go-to" quick meal on days I know I will be late. I use the weekends to experiment with new stuff. I am going to take that challenge and make something new this weekend or week, and hopefully get the boy involved. These days I live in fear that when he leaves for college he will eat out of boxes, cans, and drive-thrus exclusively. But at least he can't use the excuse that I never taught him, lol!

Joanna, just reading back through...I wouldn't be surprised if your blow out day broke through any plateau you might be experiencing. Fingers crossed for you!

1. Calories under 1300 daily. 1276, 1299 (seriously), 1278, 1266, 1272
2. Log everything; post update daily. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
3. Stick to my pie chart rules. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
4. Take vitamins and supplements daily. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
5. Eat clean; no trigger foods. Yes, Not on purpose, but I discovered a new trigger food, Only not clean food was canned soup-was rushing and I made mac and cheese for the boys and I wasn't eating that calorie bomb after having lunch catered! Yes, Yes
6. 4 fruits/veggies per day. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
7. 64 oz. fluids daily. No, Yes, Yes, No, Yes
8. Exercise 6 times.
9. Drive at least 5 times with the boy...last push before the test! One, Two
10. Revise HIPAA forms. *Need to postpone this to Wed...just found out I have a report to get done this weekend

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck

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