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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
I did it! The fast food restaurant's chicken tenders weighed 5.7 oz. after I got about 95% of the breading successfully pulled off them without tearing off meat. And I counted a tablespoon of corn oil (forgot to ask them what kind of oil they use) in my food log but I'll ask next time we go. Found out there is sugar in their cole slaw so glad I took my own low carb slaw. I'm quite happy and it was worth it because the low carb wrap I put together was so delicious.

Jenn, thanks for your encouragement. Cleaning burns calories, too, so don't feel bad about not getting in any formal exercise today. Keep that positive attitude going--remember to give yourself credit for each and every thing you DID accomplish this week. OK--I Will! YAY JENN!!

awesome job Mern!!
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