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Originally Posted by fitday_jim View Post
I just thought of a possible enhancement that might work. What if we just added a way to enter extra calories in your activity chart? So, in the case where you know the machine told you that you burned 300 calories, you could just enter an extra 300 calories without having FitDay do the calculation for you?

Give me some feedback on whether that would help. It would get around FitDay needing to know every activity, but isn't quite as convenient.
I think that this option would be great! I too use the Wii Fit, tredmill and eliptical which gives me calories burned. Currently when i use the Wii Fit I choose Yoga as my activity and alter the time of the activity to match the Wii Fit estimated calories burned. I would much rather enter the calories burned and not have to adjust other activities!

Thank You!!
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