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OK, motivators--I want kudos, a trophy, a crown or something. DH said we can go out to eat tonight but he had his heart set on a place that has on its menu ONLY fried chicken tenders, garlic bread, French fries, dipping sauce, cole slaw, fried chicken tender sandwiches and wraps. The only low stuff on the menu is diet pop, bottled water, and lettuce.

SO since I've done well on my food all day, I don't want to blow it now.
I have ready to take to the restaurant:
my food scale
a low carb tortilla
low carb coleslaw.

I will pull off the breading from the chicken and weigh the chicken before putting it on my tortilla with the slaw.

It's a fast food place and the manager is very nice. If he notices I made a low carb wrap out of my a la carte chicken tenders, I'm sure he'll be very nice if I explain to him that I have dietary restrictions and the only thing I can eat is the chicken if I pull off the breading. Then I'll politely suggest they consider adding a grilled chicken breast fillet and a side salad or a grilled chicken salad to their menu sometime in the near future for people with dietary restrictions.
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