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I'm on track today except for water and exercise which I WILL remedy before the day is up. Food is logged except for dinner because I don't know if I'm cooking or if we're going out, but I SHOULD have enough leeway in my food log to eat a sensible dinner and come in on target for goals. Everyone have a fantastic weekend!

Robin, this site has been driving me nuts, but I've had no problems at all today--hope it's all resolved now. Glad your green smoothies are going well. The spinach smoothie blends great for me in my food processor. My kale "clippy" grass clipping consistency food processor smoothie is delicious eaten with a spoon. I'll bet the romaine would be smooth in my food processor. It's really cold here, too--not as cold as where YOU are, so kudos on getting to the gym while I do aerobic walking DVD in my living room. Thanks for posting about the plateau definition--that's very helpful.

Cassie! What a wonderful Thursday report. I know it's hard to get in the water quota when you're so busy--oops, which reminds me I'm water behind my water goal today, too, so I'll work on that.

Darlene, kudos on logging all your food and being under 1400 calories!

Donna, best wishes on your eating to your satisfaction, but with control, this weekend. Sometimes for myself that's easier said than done.
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