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Hi Cassie I hope the whole logging issue does not drive many away! That is very unfortunate.

At various times I have seen people write about discouragement over plateaus. I know what a plateau is but I decided to hunt for a more formal definition. It's such a big issue I guess and causes some people to give up.

Anyway I found this really good definition and tips on a site called "built Lean" - don't know how to insert the link and don't know if I would be allowed anyway.

Key Issues: Must be 3 weeks at the same weight to be considered a plateau. Than you have to figure out if it is a weight loss plateau or a fat loss plateau as they are not the same thing. If you are truly on a fat loss plateau, for some reason you are not burning more cals than you are taking in. Usually because you are smaller, have lost a bunch of weight, and therefore burn fewer calories.

Rarely is the "starvation mode" the explanation and usually only applies when you are consistently eating under 1000 a day.

That's my summary of it, I thought it was very helpful. Check it yourself if you are interested.

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