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Originally Posted by melaniedies View Post
Hi all,

I'm not obese by any stretch. In fact, my BMI is in the normal range, albeit the high end of normal. But over the duration of my 20's I've seen me go from just a bit of baby fat into a body I'm not comfortable in. I'm 29 and my pant size only continues to increase; this year I've hit a size 29 with not an ounce of muscle tone left to be found

My two problem areas are a) my portions are WAY too huge, and b) I'm a huge sugar addict. I'm already working out 4 days a week on my bicycle, but as they say, weight loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise.

I'm hoping a commitment to FitDay will help me get these horrible eating habits in check and kick this new year off right! Now if only I can get these hunger pangs in check...
Welcome, I am about the same age and also love sweets! I find tracking calories on here is the best way to control my portions. Still eat sweets, just not like a maniac like I use to.
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