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I was just lucky I had leftover plan-friendly foods in the fridge today since I couldn't pre-log my foods and figure out my portion sizes due to FitDay's server problems. I'm all logged now, including my evening snack and thanks to a having a can of tuna and some Walden Farms salad dressing I'll be able to meet all my goals without going over in carbs or fat.

I made the kale chips and they were quite good, but I made a mistake storing the cooled chips in a plastic bag and they softened. They won't go to waste, though--I'll still eat them.

Today's menu was unconventional because I wanted something different for breakfast and wanted to finish up all the leftovers. My food all day was really delicious, though:

Breakfast was the last of the casserole of turkey sausage, pasta, tomatoes, green peppers and onion
Lunch was the last of the low carb veggie soup and the last ounce of deli sliced turkey
Dinner was a fabulous chili I made from leftover lean pork I had frozen after the last pork tenderloin I cooked. I simmered the pork and black soybeans in some chicken stock and added seasonings. At the end I mixed into my portion just a tablespoon of sour cream. YUM!
Snacks: kale and banana protein powder "clippy" eaten with a spoon (like a smoothie, but eaten with a spoon because the finest I can get the kale in the food processor is the consistency of grass clippings--but the snack is totally yummy.) , kale chips, veggie burger patty, tuna with Walden Farms zero cal, zero everything salad dressing.

Ama, so you have a farm? What other animals do you have? I have very fond childhood memories of my grandparents farm. They always had chickens and a rooster, a cow, a horse, a stye of pigs, and I think a billy goat, always a hunting dog and a cat.

Cassie, OMG, so sorry you had to work on just four hours of sleep. Awesome report through Wednesday. Don't knock yourself down for not remembering from two and a half years ago that the trail mix you made was a trigger food. You do a great job the rest of the time. I'll bet it's delicious. Hope you got better and more sleep last night.

Darlene, kudos on having thrown out the "before" pants. I did that, too. I've still got a lonnnnnnnng way to get to an ideal weight but I don't want 24 lb. wider pants that I can grow back into. Your goal number 2 (better choices) is a good one. (Reminds me--my eight year old grandson told me this morning he's going to make better behavior choices since I told him from now on he has to EARN time on my computer. It was good for me to hear. ) Way to go on making time to take care of yourself. We can take care of our families without being martyrs--that's something that was hard for me to learn.

Donna, great Wednesday report! I hope FitDay is able to get the glitches fixed soon. I know they really do care and are trying.

Joanna, glad you were able to log on with your iPhone. Some may disagree, but I think sometimes a blowout day helps keep our body guessing and the change could be beneficial in breaking a plateau. I'm glad you enjoyed your deviation from the routine.

Jenn, glad you finally got on. I tried unsuccessfully so many times today that I lost count. Finally at about 6PM eastern time I was able to get back on after my post this morning. It's still really cold here, too.
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