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Joanna - Forum vomit - HAHAHA! Sorry to hear how tough it has been for you. But I truely admire your persistence and determination! I have been into researching ingredients - reading what some of those listed chemicals are/can do to you is an eye opener, and can help cut a craving fast. Not that it stops me from indulging all the time, but it helps.

Mern - Coooold... I don't blame you for waiting on DH to run for the paper. I have recently found out the joy of parking my car in the garage - first place I have ever lived where that is possible! Otherwise it would be a bear on our 20ish degree mornings. It is hard-enough now to walk the 50 feet to let the chickens out every morning!

Jenn - What a beautiful sentiment!

Hope - Condo, beach, lobster anything! I am jealous! Enjoy every minute of it lady!
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