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Steph, that is such a hard question to answer... what works for me doesnt work for everyone, etc.

I've found success with calorie counting. I am not following any specific program. I figured out how many calories I burn without exercise, and try to stay 300-400 calories below that. On days I exercise, I eat a bit more, but try and maintain that deficit. I try to eat as clean as possible, and avoid sugars and white carbs when I can. When I fall and dont hit the calorie numbers, I do all that I can to make sure its just a day and not turn into a weekend, or a week, etc.

Some days are better than others, and I know my losses have been slower than some official plans that are out there. But I am not looking to lose X lbs by X date, so for me, the journey has been easy to manage and not stressful. I'm hovering within a couple pounds of my goal now, so its been a good experience for me.

I eat 3 moderate meals, and 3 snacks. Try to exercise 3x a week. I feel better than I have in 20 years. Honestly!!!

Good luck! try what sounds sustainable to you, and if it doesnt work, try another. Very rarely do I go into a store and find a pair of pants that are perfect right away, the same applies here... try em on til you find what you like!!!
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