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I tried the strawberry and kale smoothie today, but didn't have as much success with it using my food processor since I don't have a blender. I guess my spinach smoothie came out quite acceptable yesterday because the spinach leaves are so much more tender than kale. But it was still delicious--I just ate this morning's smoothie with a spoon because the kale came out the consistency of grass clippings--still needed chewing. BUT then I experimented with pulverizing the kale in my food processor to grass clipping volume/size and adding mashed strawberries, banana protein powder and just enough water to make it an oatmeal conistency and it was delicious. It'll be tomorrow's breakfast. So instead of a banana, strawberry and kale smoothie, I'll enjoy a yummy banana, strawberry and kale "clippy."

Joanna, kudos on signing up for bootcamp! It tickled me what you said about not running this week due to the extreme cold. Our community newspaper comes on Wednesday and when I saw them deliver it today, I started out the door and then changed my mind because it's so cold. DH started giggling and said he was going to the gym and would bring it in when he gets home. (So cold we're trying to limit how many times we go in and out.) I saw a tip once that suggested if you are compelled to weigh daily, to note your daily weight for information only, but to record your official weight as the average for the week. What I'm doing right now is to weigh daily and if there is a loss showing, I wait another day to see if the loss stuck, then I record an official loss in my signature. That way I'm still seeing the numbers go down and not up. Yeah, it's a mind game, but I'm OK with that. I totally understand your feelings of deprivation and hope you will get to the point where you are more comfortable and able to enjoy your craved foods in moderation. LOL on the lecture vomit!

Jenn, very compassionate and encouraging advice to Joanna about eating well and exercising because we are worth it. This is kinda disgusting, but it may make you feel better: my stomach is so huge and has fallen to to age and gravity, that I have to literally lift it up to wash under it in the shower. It's like an extra body part. Doc told me at my age it'll probably sag even more, even if I get down to an ideal goal weight, but I know I'll be healthier if and when that happens, so I try to not fret so much about it.

Hope, I'm so happy for you being able to rent a condo near an amazing beach in the Carribean! I'm sure it's very difficult planning meals on vacation. Kudos for how well you are doing on following that plus a little extra. Your extras are admirable snacks! Awesome job on all your goals! I hope you find a great plan you can do to take you to goal when you get back.
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