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Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
Well, I'm currently sitting in class, but I'm having a hard time paying attention because I've learned this stuff a million times before. It's an undergrad class on special and general relativity, but I'm only in it for the general relativity, which we won't get to 'til the second half of the semester. So for now, my mind is wandering, so I'm here to grace you with my presence!

Yesterday was fine for me. I got over the fact that I wasn't eating Italian (it's not like it was high quality stuff - just from the student union here on campus.) I signed up for bootcamp classes at a local gym, and I'm really enjoying it. Usually I'd plan on doing every other day so I could still get my running in, but it's so dang cold outside that there's no way I'm running this week.

I'm still off the scale, since Monday. I think the thing that worries me about weighing in only once a week is that if I get on that scale next Monday and I haven't lost more than a few ounces, I'm gonna be royally pissed/majorly sad. Like, the import of a weigh-in seems so much more gargantuan. I think that's why I weigh in daily is because I feel like the disappointment of a bad week that occurred one day at a time might be more palatable, if that makes any sense. I mean, who cares what the scale says, right? Well, I do. Maybe I shouldn't so much, but I do. So, yeah. I think it all ties back in with how I was feeling about lunch yesterday. There's a certain "good" feeling that I get from eating well, but I'm not lying when I say that I really don't feel like I'm that much happier for having done it. I'd so much rather be eating crap. The only thing that makes it worthwhile is the results (that's what it feels like, in my head, anyway.) So if I'm not seeing results, I feel like I'm hanging on by my fingernails to doing what's healthy. I still feel deprived when I don't get to eat chips and chocolate and cream sauce and burgers. Doesn't mean I don't like my new recipes that I try, but darn it, it's not what I really want, most of the time. I want stuff with cheese - and a lot of it. I know, I know, I can have these things - in moderation, and every once in a while. I hate moderation. I hate not eating whatever the heck I want, whenever the heck I want it. Argh, I need an attitude adjustment. I'm trying. The switch has just not flipped from forcing myself every single day, every single decision, to make the right choice, to wanting to do it.

Ha, well, that rant was unexpected. Maybe my brain is fleeing from this lecture so hard that it just vomited here on the forum.
Number one, I want to say I so admire your scientific knowledge. I am thinking of taking a beginners course just so I have basic science literacy. So you rock!

I'm with you on the cheesy stuff. Man I love pizza. And i am allergic to tomatoes cheese and shouldn't eat certain carbs. I can have a little but what I want is A LOT. But you're also right in sayingit is often not that satisfying and identifying that what you wanted was crappy student food.

As for the scale, when I get on it when I get home, it aint gonna be pretty. I'm with you. I need to weigh msyelf every day. I need the number. I admit it. But I am also frustrated. So tempted to try my own Taking Shape for Life plan. I looked it up. 800-1000 calories, low carb, low sugar (tho their products have sugar) low dairy (ditto, they have dairy) no fruit in the beginning (that would be tough.) But could I stay on this long enough to banish those last pounds? And what happens when I go off?
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