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Today's planned and pre-logged menu
Breakfast: Strawberry and kale smoothie
Snack: sliced turkey
Lunch: chicken low carb quesadilla and broccoli slaw
Snack: protein shake with flaxmeal
Dinner: turkey sausage casserole, brussels sprouts
Snack: veggie burger patty

Cassie, I'm glad you enjoyed the Snoopy picture. Kudos on your fantastic Tuesday report. What is the new trigger food you discovered? Really good to learn those things about ourselves. Sorry about your all-nighter.

Darlene! Welcome back, honey! What are your goals? Baby steps are just fine, you know.

Ama, wow, what a great goal to not eat foods with more than 5 ingredients on the label! Sounds really healthful! I don't have the willpower to do that. Congrats on the rest of your Tuesday achievements.

Jenn, you are very generous with your encouragement. Thanks. Way to go on the apple for dessert!

Donna, great Tuesday report!
Age 68, 5 feet tall
Highest weight ever in the fall of 2010 246 lbs.
FitDay starting weight 1/17/2011 240 lbs.
Weight 8/14/2014 lowest in a long time 224.2
Weight 9/23/2014 doctor visit 233
Easter Challenge Goal 220 Weight 1/26/15 236.8
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