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Robin, thanks for the lead a kale chip recipe. I didn't have time to do anything with it. Maybe I'll have time Wednesday. Wow, that is SUPER that you'd be OK with eating clean permanently. I surprised my chocoholic self by eating so clean the past 5 days that I had my first Hershey Sugar Free Special Dark miniature tonight since I started my new eating plan. And one was enough. I didn't do the kale and strawberry smoothie today because I ran out of carb allowance for the other foods I had planned. But I'll get that in tomorrow for sure.

Joanna! Wow, kudos on resisting the Italian! We have an Italian restaurant near us that DH likes to go to occasionally and I order just their meatballs with marinara sauce and cheese (no added sugar in their sauce) and a side salad with ranch dressing. But then I cave and have a lite beer with it.

Jenn, you had a pretty darned good day! Congrats to ya! I had to break up my 2 miles aerobic walking into one mile in the afternoon and one mile in the evening because my back is bothering me. But I got it done.

Ama, hooray for your good day on goals, too. And thanks for your encouragement on mine.

Quinn, there have been some issues logging in due to a new server being used on FitDay--it worked better for me today. Kudos on being only 5 lbs. from your summer goal weight! Ooh, I love paninis. But I can adapt that to my low carb tortillas. I use my own blend for Southwest seasoning. So thanks for planning my Wednesday lunch. I've got all those Mexican panini ingredients--tomorrow I'll make that as a low carb quesadilla! I do that, too--batch cook chicken. And I also cook it seasoned skin-on and then remove the skin. Great low fat protein for meals and snacks. Geez, it's colder where you live. Keep warm!

Tori, major kudos on making good choices despite not having concrete goals formulated.

Mike, I successfully got in a few times by clearing my browsing history/emptying my cache. I have both IE and Google Chrome. I think it was Cassie who posted that tip. Did you try that when you couldn't get on?
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